Medical Services

Yoorana Gunya has male and females General Practitioners available for appointments. Yoorana Gunya bulk bills for all Medicare rebatable fee, meaning a charge may only apply for consultations and procedures which fall outside the scope of Medicare. If you are unsure, our friendly receptionists will notify all costs associated with consultations.

Free transport is available for appointments for Forbes patients, please call reception to book.


Our Aboriginal Health Practitioners are available to follow up general health via home visits including blood pressure, sugar diabetes check and pharmaceutical follow ups with the local pharmacists.

Please phone and speak to Dee to enquire about any potential home visits, we are here to assist our clients with their overall wellbeing.

Aboriginal Health Practitioners

Aboriginal Health Practitioners/715’s

Our Aboriginal Health Practitioners provide Aboriginal Health Checks (715’s) to the Aboriginal community in the Yoorana Gunya clinic to ensure clients receive the best health care for optimum health. 715’s are a preventative health assessment designed to support the specific needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

What’s involved in a 715?

Questions will be asked by your health professional including topics such as family, childhood, history, illnesses, social & emotional wellbeing and nutrition. The health assessment will be conducted including height measurements, weight, blood pressure, eyes, ears and blood tests.
During your 715, the Aboriginal Health Practitioner may refer you to another service within Yoorana Gunya.

How often is a 715 Health Check?

Every 9-12 months a 715 can be completed. Once you complete your 715 you receive a t-shirt.
During your 715, the Aboriginal Health Practitioner may refer you to another service within Yoorana Gunya.

All appointments must be made by calling receptions on (02) 68501222

Allied Health Professionals

Yoorana Gunya has a range of visiting allied health professional.

Please speak to our friendly receptionists for details regarding visiting professionals.


Yoorana Gunya are able to offer Telehealth Services where needed.

Please speak to our friendly receptionists for details regarding this.

Family Support Worker

We have both male and female family support workers. The purpose of the family support workers is to support Aboriginal families within the Forbes community to develop culturally appropriate care. Yoorana Gunya are passionate about providing families with the opportunity to connect and interact socially through culturally activities, family events and other group activities with local organisations.
The family support workers support families to give children a good start in life through early development, care, education and school readiness by providing programs to the community or assistance to families. As a part of the family workers roles, we offer school support to children attending link up, preschool, primary school and high school. Yoorana Gunya provide support to families to overcome issues affecting them to assist them in ensuring their children attend school. 

Mobile Library

The Mobile Children’s Library is a program developed by Yoorana gunya to improve children’s literacy and numeracy.

What is the mobile library?

Yoorana Gunya has books stored on our bus, we have a worker drive the bus around different areas of the community to allow Aboriginal kids to borrow books! The Mobile Children’s Library has the same protocols as a typical library, accepts it’s on wheels! Children must sign their book in and out and they must ensure their previous book is returned before they borrow another.

What is the purpose of the library?

  • Encouraging children to read
  • Encouraging children and parents to spend quality time reading together
  • Improving our children’s literacy and building their vocabulary
  • Keeping our children’s brains healthy
  • Teaching children the responsibility of returning books
  • Reading has amazing health benefits and makes our children feel positive!

Currently our Mobile Library is not running due to COVID-19 however we hope to be back soon and stronger!

Social & Emotional Wellbeing

The Yoorana Gunya Social & Emotional Wellbeing Team (SEWB) assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients to enhance their overall wellbeing ensuring all aspects are cared for in a holistic and culturally appropriate manner. The SEWB team recognise their clients connect to culture, spirit, family and community and understand that their spirit is affected when these aspects are impacted.
SEWB is a holistic concept that is the foundation for physical and mental health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The overall purpose of the SEWB Team is to strengthen client’s foundations and promote wellness by ensuring clients get the support they need.
Our SEWB Team provides programs to the community to assist with health related issues, programs to strengthen communities and cultural connections, life skills, mental health awareness and more.

Family Violence Specialist

Yoorana Gunya has a Family Violence Specialist providing support to clients who are affected by domestic and family violence.
The Family Violence Specialist work with victims of family violence providing individual and family support focused activities, initial crisis support, advocacy and referrals to other services. Additionally, prevention programs, activities and community education is provided.

Binaal Billa FVPLS

Yoorana Gunya auspice Binaal Billa Family Violence Prevention Legal Service who supports victims of family violence. Please find the link to their website below for further information or free legal assistance for Aboriginal victims.

Yoorana Gunya provide a free transport service to Forbes patients for appointments and our groups/events.

Please call reception to make a transport booking (02) 6850 1222.