Yoorana Gunya Bulk Bills for all Medicare rebateable fees. Please note charges may apply for consultations and procedures which fall outside the scope of Medicare, our friendly staff will notify all costs associated with these consultations.


Yoorana Gunya provides a range of medical services, family support, family violence and social and emotional well-being support to clients. Yoorana Gunya focuses on working with the whole family in a holistic manner.


Yoorana Gunya (YG) has both male and female General Practitioners (GP’s) available. YG Bulk Bills for all
Medicare rebateable fees. Please note charges may apply for consultations and procedures which fall
outside of the scope of Medicare. Our friendly staff will notify all costs associated with these

YG has visiting locums General Practitioners who provide medical services in the clinic to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal patients.

Patients are required to book appointments for our services via contacting reception on (02) 6850 1222. Walk-in patients are welcome depending on appointment availability. Yoorana Gunya keeps appointments for booking on the day however there is a no guarantee that an appointment will be secured as appointments fill quickly.

Patients must be understanding that Yoorana Gunya is an Aboriginal Medical Service meaning Aboriginal patients are a priority for our services. Please also note that Yoorana Gunya prides itself on providing services to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people however there are instances that we will have to close our books to new patients due to demand strategies and to allow us to provide quality patient care to our exisiting patients. 

All appointments must be made by calling reception on (02) 68501222 *

*Please note – Appointments will not be taken via email or Social Media, in accordance with Privacy Policy and Confidentiality Legislation.


Please call (02) 6850 1222 to book your appointment.

Please understand that Yoorana Gunya tries to accommodate all patients in booking their preferred appointment time. 

Longer consultation times are available, please advise reception when booking your appointment if you require a longer appointment. 

Referral Pathways

Yoorana Gunya can refer you to specialists and allied health professionals to support your health care needs. 

After Hours Care Arrangement

All emergencies or any needs requiring urgent care are to attend Forbes Hospital Emergency Department located on Elgin Street, Forbes. If you require emergency assistance please call (000). 


There are instances when Yoorana Gunya General Practitioners are completing appointments via tele-health, reception will notify patients of this when appointments are booked.

Patients are only able to request telephone appointments outside of the set telehealth days if they have COVID-19. 

Yoorana Gunya provide a free transport service to Forbes patients for appointments and our groups/events.

Please call reception to make a transport booking (02) 6850 1222.

Aboriginal Health Practitioners

Our Aboriginal Health Practitioners provide Aboriginal Health Checks (715’s) to the Aboriginal community in the Yoorana Gunya clinic to ensure clients receive the best health care for optimum health. 715’s are a preventative health assessment designed to support the specific needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

What is a 715?
A 715 summary provides a patient with a summary of their health, including their physical, psychological and social wellbeing as well as assessing what preventative health care, education and other assistance should be offered to the patient to improve their health and wellbeing. 

Your 715 is a free annual health check

Your health check can take 30 minutes to an hour. Patients will see a nurse or Aboriginal Health Practitioner and a General Practitioner. 

What happens at a health check?

Questions will be asked by the health professional regarding patients family, health care history, illnesses, nutrition, social and emotional wellbeing, home life, sexual health

  • Check your blood pressure
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Measure height and weight
  • Pathology request for blood test
  • Urine test
  • Ask about your priorities and goals for your health
  • Any other tests as required


Patients are encouraged to discuss any health related concerns or worries so they can provided with a high level of care.


How often is a 715 Health Check?

Every 9-12 months a 715 can be completed.

Home Visits

Our Aboriginal Health Practitioners are available to follow up on general health via home visits and do pharmaceutical follow-ups with your local pharmacists.


Visiting Allied Health Professionals

Telehealth Services

Yoorana Gunya offer Telehealth consultations with a number of Practitioners, referral pathways will be discussed during client consults in the clinic.

We have private consult rooms where patient can interact with Medical Practitioners online.