Family Support Worker

Family Support Worker

Yoorana Gunya both Male and Female support workers to provide support to Aboriginal families. The purpose of
the Family Support worker’s role is to support and advocate for Aboriginal families within the Forbes community to have a healthy life. This can include helping families with booking their medical appointments at Yoorana Gunya, referrals to other services, helping families with transition to school and more. Family supports priority is ensuring families are healthy, safe and children are given a good start to life. Yoorana Gunya works closely and strongely with families to overcome any issues affecting their children not attending school.

Family work provides families with the opportunity to connect and interact socially through cultural activities, events and other group activities. The Family Support


Mobile Libary

The Mobile Children’s Library is a program developed by Yoorana Gunya to improve children’s literacy and numeracy.

What is the Mobile Libary

Yoorana Gunya has books stored on our bus, we have a YG support worker drive the bus around different areas of the Forbes community to allow Aboriginal kids to borrow books! The Mobile Children’s Library has the same protocols as a typical library, accepts it’s on wheels! Children must sign their book in and out and they must ensure their previous book is returned before they borrow another.

What is the Purpose of the Mobile Libary
  • Encouraging children to read
  • Encouraging children and parents to spend quality time reading together
  • Improving our children’s literacy and building their vocabulary
  • Keeping our children’s brains healthy
  • Teaching children the responsibility of returning books
  • Reading has amazing health benefits and makes our children feel positive!

Currently our Mobile Library is running every Monday after school 3.30pm – 4.30pm.

Please call us on (02) 6850 1222 or reach out to one of our support workers to add your address and childs name.

NEW Mobile Library